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Author Archives: Che

Book Review: The Book of Trouble by Ann Marlowe

This memoir of a love affair with an Afghan man is a book of intelligence, passion, introspection, and yes, trouble. Read More »

Book Review: In the Shadow of Suribachi by Joyce Faulkner

Take some war clichés and stereotypes, add some bad dialogue, and what do you get? You might be surprised. Read More »

Book Review: Loving Che by Ana Menendez

Loving any book with my name on the cover. Read More »

Book Review: Confessions Of A Former Dittohead By Jim Derych

Derych tells the story of his slow and sometimes painful metamorphosis from Dittohead to Democrat. Read More »

Book Review: Getting Old Without Getting Anxious by Peter V. Rabins, MD

A valuable book for seniors, and those who give a damn about them. Read More »

Book Review: Lies, Inc. by Phillip K. Dick

Because the truth might be too costly. Read More »

Book Review: The Crystal World by J G Ballard

A man faces the secrets he hides even from himself in the face of a glittering apocalypse. Read More »