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Reel Short Reviews, Take 4

Some movies I’ve seen or re-seen recently (with four stars the maximum rating)… Baadasssss! (2003) A movie for people who love indie movies — not artsy stuff, mind you, but the kind larded with thug cops, pendulous boobs, kickass knife-fights and the occasional glimpse of boom microphone peeking into the top of the frame. A psychoanalyst could have a field ... Read More »

Sin City: A Review

Among the random posts on IMDB.com about Sin City is the presumably high praise calling it the best adaptation of a graphic comic book ever to hit the silver screen. That’s nice and all, but what does that really mean? Speaking as someone who can appreciate the artistry of graphic novels without necessarily being a diehard fan, the comment meant ... Read More »

Reel Short Reviews, Take 3

Some films I’ve seen and re-seen lately (ratings out of a possible four-star maximum) … Brazil (1985) Terry Gilliam’s futuristic fantasy of a government drone ensnared in a web of terrorism, bureaucracy and a horsefly-induced clerical error is every bit as weird and wonderful as it is when it first blew me away in ’85. If it eventually exhausts its ... Read More »

The Ring Two: Ringing Hollow

What The Ring boasted in mood, atmosphere, pacing, characterization, layers of complexity and legitimate spookiness, its successor tries to make up for in … um … well … rampaging deer. In other words, The Ring Two is a failure. And that’s a particular letdown, considering that Hollywood tapped Hideo Nakata for it, the Japanese director whose 1998 horror film, Ringu, ... Read More »

Reel Short Reviews, Take 2

Some movies I’ve seen (or re-seen, as the case might be) recently. Once again, the ratings refer to a four-star maximum … Band of Outsiders (1964) Jean-Luc Godard’s French New Waves celebration of B-movies, gangster thrillers, romance, comedy, Paris, the Louvre and the melancholy beauty of his then-wife Anna Karina. Band of Outsiders’ nominal story centers on two wannabe crooks ... Read More »

Robots, Robots, Robots

Robots, the latest cinematic excursion in 3-D computer animation, might not rival the monster works being turned out by Pixar, but this offering from director Chris Wedge (who also helmed the respectable Ice Age) still provides enough entertaining moments to leave the theater without cursing children. In the movie’s whimsical world populated by clunky, retro-looking metal robots (think a cross ... Read More »

Reel Short Reviews, Take 1

Some quick takes on movies I’ve seen recently … (oh, and ratings are out of four stars maximum) A Bronx Tale (1993) I’m not sure why I had never caught this coming-of-age story, especially since it boasts such an impressive pedigree. In his directorial debut, Robert DeNiro obviously soaked up a lot from his experiences working with Martin Scorsese; the ... Read More »

Be Cool … Not So Much

Be Cool be crap. Somewhere in this mess is a story. There just has to be; after all, it’s based on Elmore Leonard’s 1999 sequel to his own Get Shorty, and so the movie boasts John Travolta reprising his role as one-time shylock Chili Palmer, a part he took up in Get Shorty‘s 1995 movie version. While that earlier work ... Read More »

Hollywood Redux: The Best Remakes

So in the midst of Hollywood’s recycled, repackaged, reimagined and reconstiituted movie, just what would I say are the most impressive remakes of the 20th century? Granted, no one is really clamoring for my opinion on the matter (feel free to clamor, by the way), but here goes … Here, then, are my dozen favorite remakes … 12. Cape Fear ... Read More »

The Woodsman: Upping the Ante of Drama

The Woodsman is one gutsy little film. Directed by Nicole Kassell and based on a one-act play by Steven Fechter (who shares screenplay credit with Kassell), this quiet, lean film tells the story of Walter (Kevin Bacon), a pedophile released from prison after 12 years for the molestation of young girls. He moves into a small apartment, lands a job ... Read More »