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SCHIP: What They Aren’t Telling You

There is an obvious political agenda surrounding the SCHIP expansion, and it is a game politicians on both sides have been playing for years. Read More »

The Problem With This Year’s Debates

Race and sex of candidates should not be a prevelant issue in a presidential debate. Read More »

Are All Crimes Created Equal?

Although black on white homicide occurs at double the rate of white on black homicide, the latter has more chance of press coverage. Read More »

New Threat From Religion of Peace

If you share Ron Paul's belief that we're not engaged in a real fight for survival, I've got a video to show you. Read More »

Congress Takes Action Against Rising Gas Prices

Congress attempts to curb rising oil prices. Or? Read More »

Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Partial Birth Abortion

The Supreme Court upheld a nationwide ban on partial birth abortions today in a 5-4 vote. Read More »

A Republic if You Can Keep It

Senator Hillary Clinton has promised to introduce in the Senate a constitutional amendment to abolish the electoral college. Read More »

The Problem With Gallup Polls

One has to be careful about extrapolating weak poll results to explain American attitudes in Iraq. Read More »

Cut and Run Not Congress’s Call

The Constitution does not grant Congress the authority to dictate tactical strategies such as dates for troop withdrawal. Read More »

Not a Bright Idea

A bill recently introduced in Congress would prohibit the sale of certain inefficient light bulbs. Read More »