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Flushing Nemo

I attended a funeral last week. There were four of us present. Three of us work together here in the office. The fourth was the dead one. The funeral was held in the ladies’ room. Our office mascot, Nemo, had kicked the bucket. He hung in for a long time, seemingly waiting for Sally, his owner, to come back from ... Read More »

Music Review: Michael Rose – Happiness: The Best of Michael Rose

At at an intersection in our suburbian eutopia, we pulled alongside some construction, [and its requisite workers] and waited for the light to turn. We had the windows rolled up, and we were jamming. Heads bopping, the mirrors vibrating, we were quite a scene -- two forty-something women, dressed for dinner in a silver SUV, listening to hardcore reggae. Read More »

Payback Is A Mutha

A while back, my sister decided to initiate what she called BlogWars™. This consisted of Melanie posting pictures on her blog of me during various times in my life when it was painfully obvious I was still finding my way to the perfect portrait of coolness that is now me. She insinuated I had started the whole thing… Sure — ... Read More »

An A-HA Moment

Earlier, I was sitting in a co-worker’s (and friend) office chatting a bit. She and her girlfriend had just gotten back from a small vacation and I came by to see how it went. We usually end up talking about all manner of things and ultimately, one of my stories ends up being told. Those of you who have visited ... Read More »

Survival And Paranoia

With all this build-up toward war, you begin to think about what would happen if we were struck here at home. Read More »

Another New Workout

The Princess, on her never-ending search for a newer, better and even more improved workout, has come upon Balance Balls. They’re being touted as the workout of the future. Here’s what the latest media blurb says Balance Balls will do for you: Build core muscle strength and flexibility. Challenge your cardiovascular system. Improve your coordination and balance. Develop better posture ... Read More »

Bruce Lee Meets His Match

Way back when we were dating, The Princess and I started this "thing". It was a kind of goofy joke between the two of us, actually. We would do "pretend" karate on each other. In slow motion. Read More »

My First Mister

The title of this post is the title of a movie I finished watching on DVD last night. The Princess had chosen it. Which in itself is odd, because she truly does not like comedies. This comedy, however, isn’t anything like the gross-out humor flicks that have been coming out lately. This comedy has a heart, it knows where yours ... Read More »