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Eleven Things I Would Do If I Were Elected President of the United States

Eleven Ideas To Help Our Government Help Its Citizens Read More »

Clemens vs. Congress

Why are we worrying about a role model for millions of kids taking drugs when we could be invading Darfur? Read More »

Satire: My Hunting Adventure with Tricky Dick

A comical parody of Dick Cheney and myself's day hunting quail in Texas. Read More »

Super Bowl XS

As the sun rises on the Pacific Northwest, so does the first day of healing begin. Read More »

Music Downloading Is Not The End Of The World

I have listened to the industry talk about how all this downloading and file sharing is ruining them. But I am here today to tell them the truth. Read More »

You Know You’re A Pothead…

Sitting around eating snacks, listening to music, and writing this just for you. Read More »

Someone Please Help Poor Lindsay Lohan

America has an obsession. Read More »

New Jersey Residents Need to Learn to Drive

I was once told that no matter how much I thought I was going to love to drive, that when I got older I would grow to hate it. Well I don't hate it at all... Read More »