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Fountains of Wayne

Good show, weirdly mellow crowd. Read More »

Depends on What the Meaning of “Movie” Is

Scattered thoughts on ESPN's "Top 25 Sports Movies" list. Read More »

Incongruous Review

An OutKast review by one of the whitest people around. Read More »

Fiddle and Burn

It's exam week where I teach, so here's another guess-the-song list of lyrics. Show all work for partial credit. Read More »

Theology Answers

You might be saying "Isn't this just a cheap way to squeeze another blog post out of this same tape?" You might be right. Read More »

Heat of Fusion and Other Stories

There's an astonishing variety of stuff here, and nearly all of it is excellent. I highly recommend this book, and pretty much anything else by John M. Ford that you can lay hands on. Read More »

The Knight

A unique take on the crossover fantasy story, but then you'd expect nothing less from Gene Wolfe. Read More »

The Last Light of the Sun

The latest from Guy Gavriel Kay, and there's some great stuff here-- revenge, epic journeys, a grand sweep of history, more explicit magic than Kay has had in his last several books. It's a very good book, but just doesn't rank with his best. Read More »

Three Hour Theology

A mix tape whose title refers to a mandatory discussion of Catholic doctrine that Kate and I had to go to in order to get married in a church. It was a memorable discussion... Read More »

Richard Thompson Live

The man, the myth, the legend, solo in Albany. Read More »