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Sean Penn Rescues Forty People in New Orleans

Actor and activist Sean Penn personally rescued forty people in New Orleans, according to the New York Daily News. This was attested to by presidential historian Douglas Brinkley, who is covering the hurricane forRolling Stone. See this story and photograph here. I was rescued from a disaster over twenty years ago by a foreign commercial freighter. They had a lot ... Read More »

Were We Prepared for Hurricane Katrina?

I’m watching the coverage of Hurricane Katrina and I’m thinking, that’s not the worst hurricane I’ve ever seen. Why the high death toll? Why the high levels of damage? From what little I can tell from my vantage point, it doesn’t look like everything was done that could be done to prepare for the possibility of natural disasters. The evacuation ... Read More »

What TV Show Would You Rather Kill Yourself Than Watch?

I’m a TV junkie. There are hundreds of shows that I will watch, but some that I cannot have shown on my TV – even as background noise. The primary no-no is Full House. I won’t watch it, no matter how bored I am or how offensive the rest of the offerings are. Even if I’m in a stupor I ... Read More »

Review: Must Love Dogs Is As Bad As Everyone Says It Is

The people behind Must Love Dogs must not have bribed the right people, because the reviews were accurate. It sucks. The lowlights included characters singing “If You’re Happy And You Know It Clap Your Hands” and “C’mon Get Happy” by the Partridge Family. In case you were wondering if the latter was a joke, it wasn’t. It’s that dire. John ... Read More »

All Male Celebrities Gay, According To Internet

According to sources on the internet every male movie star, rock star, TV star, comedian, artist, writer, TV host and performer is gay. It seems that someone posted on a bulletin board that their friend was at a party and saw every male celebrity in America flirting and acting gay with other men. It was further reported that someone’s friend ... Read More »

Dreems Come Tru

The NYC Fringe Festival will host a one-woman play about copy editing. That’s right, grammarians. Your dreams are all about to happen. For those for whom the trees are the forest, the Elements of Style by Wendy Weiner will be a once in a lifetime experience. The website for the play declares, “find the mistakes on this website and win ... Read More »