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Manic-Depressive Sandwiches

Manic-depressive sandwiches--In the manic phase you get everything, in the depressive phase you get just bread. Read More »

A Mother’s Eyes

A lot of parents see their kids as sexually innocent, no matter how unlikely that may be. Read More »

Movie Review: Elizabethtown

If you’re wondering if Elizabethtown is as boring as its ads... Read More »

It’s Pagalicious: My Pagan Articles Are All Over The Internet

I googled myself and found articles about me and my work that I didn't know existed. One subject took precedence. Read More »

Movie Review: In Her Shoes Is Falsely Advertised

Ads might make it look fun, but this is a family drama. It's a good enough movie that manages to be affecting. Read More »

Book Review: A Reader’s Manifesto by B.R. Myers

Somebody had to attack the pretentious, unreadable prose that passes for literature these days. Read More »

Keep Questioning Authority

During Katrina the media showed uncommon backbone. Your public would like to see this continue. Read More »

The Emmys Suck

I only Tivo’d the Emmys to see Adrian Grenier. Boy was I right. The Emmys suck. The cheesy production numbers have to go. They got Earth Wind and Fire to perform one of their songs with tacky new lyrics about TV shows. It was not pleasant to see the famous audience members trying to look polite while they watched this. ... Read More »

Vatican To Search Seminaries For Gays

The Catholic Church is sending examiners to check for gays in seminaries. The supposed impetus is child abuse scandals. Read More »

“Asexuality: it’s not just for amoebas anymore”

People with no desire to connect sexually with another person now have their own website. It’s run by AVEN, or Asexual Visibility and Education Network. I found the site’s content itself to be disappointingly rational. They aren’t trying to recruit anyone or decry “sexuals,” as they call us. They are just people who find themselves without the need to have ... Read More »