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South Louisiana Crawfish: Scarce this Year or just a bit Delayed?

I love dem crawfish! Read More »


Sacraments are sacred rituals in the Catholic and Orthodox Churches. They are known as Mysteries in the Orthodox Churches. Sacraments are efficacious signs, instituted by Christ to give grace. Simply put, the sacraments do what they represent. In other words, baptism not only symbolizes washing, it actually washes away sin. There are seven sacraments in the Catholic Church: Baptism, Eucharist, ... Read More »

Know Thyself this Lent with an Examination of Conscience

By looking at our successes we can see how God is working in our daily lives. Read More »


Catholic is used to describe all of the churches in union with the Bishop of Rome, the Pope. This would include the Roman Catholic Church, as well as the various Eastern Churches (such as the Byzantine , the Melkite and Coptic).   Catholic also refers to all things related to the Catholic Church, from baptized believers to doctrines, beliefs and customs. Catholics understand creation to ... Read More »