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raw food

An enthusiastic community has emerged around raw food for those seeking vibrant life, as demonstrated by the gorawnow team. Raw food bloggers are starry eyed, healthy looking souls glowing with reports such as weight loss, raw mom interviews raw food woman who beats rare form of cancer; many report becoming younger, lighter, happier. The raw food bloggers arena is sincere and ... Read More »


Seekers of the eco-friendly (derived from the concept of being kind and respectful to the environment) will find the blogosphere filled with inspiration, solutions and information. Bloggers such as Annie Leonard with the "Story of Stuff", stimulates critical thinking and dialogue to address the environmental crises we face, encouraging constructive action. And The Green Republic from the UK offers National ... Read More »


Yardening is an emerging trend describing the combining yard and garden for food growing purposes with non-toxic lawns and gardens that create a safe, nurturing environment for children to play, picnics and other extensions of home life. Bloggers describe yardening as something anyone can do, related to the concept of "guerilla gardening" – by which anyone with a little bit of ... Read More »

natural remedies

In search of natural remedies, the blogosphere is great place to learn the diversity of what's out there, ask questions, get anecdotal information, or research solutions. You might be surprised at all the things considered natural-remedies, from ancient cultures' recognition of yoga, to the more obvious supplements, and discussions on even pet care, such as cat lymphoma. These days many "natural-remedies" ... Read More »

immune system

With illness rampant in the modern world, how to take care of the immune system is a huge topic among bloggers, some seeking or sharing the path to recovery, and others who realize an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure who have all kinds of great ideas to share. There is loads of information on all kinds ... Read More »


As we seek to recover our sense of place within the ecosystems of planet Earth with non-destructive lifestyle, eco-friendly is a key buzzword in the blogosphere. Descriptor of the green movement, eco-friendly is applied to an undeniably broad range of goods and services that are aimed towards (hopefully) causing little or no harm to the environment. For the sincere of ... Read More »


In a day when adopting a dietary path for health, fitness, weight loss and even environmental or spiritual reasons predominates in culturally aware circles, bloggers can be found discussing a new term: flexetarian, or part-time vegetarian. With what seems to be a new idea, some are comparing flexetarianism to the eating style of Midieval times. With so many diets to choose from ... Read More »


Organic in the world of blogging is both a social movement and a way of producing food. There is a lot of dialogue about eating healthfully or avoiding toxic products ; resources can be found for buying clothing, cosmetics or furniture that are organic lifestyle choices. One of the yummiest aspects talked about on the web is all the great ... Read More »


The strict vegan diet and lifestyle excludes use of anything of animal origin, from food to leather clothing and other items such as glue or gelatin capsules; vegan is sometimes called eating lower on the food chain. Vegan dietary practices and lifestyle are rooted in religious beliefs, respect for the environment, ethical and moral values concerning animal rights, and health ... Read More »