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Author Archives: Carol Hoyer, PhD

Book Review: ‘When a Stranger Knocks’ by Bruce Forester


A fast-paced and intricate mystery with a psychiatrist hero. Read More »

eBook Review: The String Horse – by Michele Cytron Linde and James Linde Campbell


Readers of all ages can learn about love, hope and trust. Read More »

Book Review: My Pain Woke Me Up — Bliss by Jean Criss

My Pain Woke Me Up - Bliss is the first in a three-book series of a fictionalized account of true story, focused on survivorship. Read More »

Book Review: Listen to What He Does, Watch What He Says by A. H. Carlisle, III

Have you ever wondered during your journey in building relationships, why the simplest processes turn into the most complex levels of deception? Read More »

Book Review: The Journey to Pentecost: A Real Life Story of A Mother’s Search For God Through The Eyes of Her Daughter by Dr. Carolyn Starling-Matthews

Very thought-provoking and often asks readers to challenge their beliefs. Read More »

Book Review: Chessman and His Nine Lives on Death Row by Terrence W. Cooney

On May 2, 1960, on its ninth attempt, the State of California executed Caryl Chessman. Cooney tells the story in the liberating form of a factually-informed novel, Read More »

Book Review: Unrequited by Brendan Shannon

Unrequited is a powerful and haunting story of love, loss, madness, death, redemption, and acceptance. Read More »

Book Review: For Women Only: A Novel Approach to Depression in Women by London Tracy

Mandatory reading for every female between 16 and 65. Read More »

Book Review: Satan Thinks in Black and White: Racism in the Congregations of America by Ronald B. Jimmerson

This book is not an attack on the true Churches of Jesus Christ, but those false pastors, preachers, priests, teachers and Ministries that teach false doctrine. Read More »

Book Review: Mustard Seeds, Shovels, and Mountains: How to Succeed Using Your Physio-Psychic Power by J.F. (Jim) Straw

Mustard Seeds, Shovels, & Mountains constitutes a journey and a personal exercise of determination and practice. Read More »