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Review: The Fleshtones – Beachhead

I want to like everything The Fleshtones do. They are, after all, the Godfathers of modern Garage Rock. So it pains me to report that the ‘tones new album, Beachhead, is mediocre at best. The songs are formulaic, the performance uninspired. After 30 years of pounding out the beat, maybe the guys are just spent. We are talking men in ... Read More »

Review: The Woggles at The EARL 8/19/05

If the Earth were a good and decent place, The Woggles would rule it. A hard-charging, high-energy throwback '60s garage band is just what this world needs. Read More »

Review: Kings of Leon, Atlanta

The offspring of a Pentecostal preacher find a proper live home in Atlanta's Tabernacle. Read More »

CNN about to be towed out of Crawford

I tend to watch TV news to watch the media, not the “news”. The truth is, what passes for “news” on TV is typically not. So I loved this moment that happened on CNN’s American Morning today. Miles “I’m not an anchor” O’Brien was talking to a local official from Crawford, Texas about the disruption being caused by the protests ... Read More »

CNBC’s Las Vegas, Inc.

CNBC's business special brings to light some amazing things going on in the Vegas business world. Read More »

IKEA – A First Attempt

The single greatest event in the history of my city happened about a month ago - an IKEA store opened here. Read More »

Review: The Dan Band Live

Well, thank God the show (and booze) was free ... Read More »

Book Review: The FairTax Book

The book fails in its attempt to sell the FairTax by its radio talk-show host tone. Read More »

CNN math

How does CNN call Wisconsin and Nevada when they're not comfortable calling Ohio? Read More »

London Calling Legacy Edition

The Clash's London Calling, Legacy Edition is - for true Clash fans - a must buy. Read More »