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Bob Dylan: Shock Rocker

Wallpaper rock. 12 bar progressions. Guitar licks. Drum fills. Into this tuneless desert Dylan spat his lyric in a cadence unknown to poets, rappers, auctioneers, or his audience. Read More »

A Gotton Goat

Deep night with a drunken optimist on failing legs. Read More »

Nightmare of the Donut Man

The purpose of the terror alert system is to promote public preparedness by encouraging widespread panic among voters. Read More »

Loop de lie

Classic Rock in a looped queue is only bested by the Donut Man in the category of Most Irritating. Read More »

Tats, not Toos

All the tattoos on young women and old women, all types of women, especially thin women, most of them hidden because it's Monday. Read More »

Talk about values

America can't say it 'values' marriage, or families, or children when it has children having children who are breeding. Read More »

What Sork said

Sork is not necessarily of this planet, which is one of the first things he wants you to know. Read More »

Bush beats Kerry at all-nite store

In this neighborhood you're either with us or against us. Turns out to be good incentive. Read More »


What happens when you hook a garden hose to a fire hydrant. Read More »

Dick sizes

Why is Dick Cheney so fond of one very, very small gesture? Read More »