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Ingmar Bergman’s Stunning “Shame”

This oft-overlooked 1968 film from the Swedish master will haunt your dreams. Read More »

Michael Moore … and Dickens

Just what we need -- ANOTHER piece on Michael Moore! Read More »

Thanks for No Thanks!

The Rezillos? The Dictators? The Stranglers? If these names mean anything to you, the Rhino people deliver one kick-ass party. Read More »

The Greening of Greendale

Neil Young's ambitious new CD may be one of his best. Read More »

The Soul of Mr. Soul

In Shakey, Jimmy McDonough writes the only Neil Young book you ever need to read -- and maybe one of the best rock bios ever. Read More »

The News from Hell

Norman Rush's powerful new novel is glorious and clumsy -- and it may just be great. Read More »

Destructive Affinities

The friends in Thomas Berger's new novel might think they're the there-for-you type, but appearances are deceiving -- even to them. Read More »

Mad, Bad, Impossible to Know

For all we know about Lord Byron, he was still something of a mystery. Two new biographies fill in the gaps -- one with idle speculation, one with imagination. Read More »

Tracy Flick Gets Over Herself

Donna Tartt is a lot like Reese Witherspoon's character in the movie Election -- smart, ambitious, and annoyingly superficial. Read More »

Bunuel’s El — A Minor Masterpiece

From high art to low, the great Spanish filmmaker Luis Bunuel never made a film without his personal mark upon it -- this tawdry gem from the 1950s is proof of it. Read More »