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In Defense of The Searchers

I'll take my small, challenging films any day over a piece of commercial fluff. Read More »

Rescue Me and the Rape Fallacy

Last week's episode of FX's hit show, Rescue Me, has generated a great deal of controversy, but how do the arguments stand up to scrutiny? Read More »

Florida Bans “Revisionist History” in Public Schools

Florida legislature hits academia below the (Bible) belt. Read More »

Academic Papers to Be Published Under Open Access Guidelines?

It's about time for the ivory tower to open its gates. Read More »

Thoughts on Global Feminism and Sexual Inequality

When even one person is oppressed, we are all oppressed. Read More »

DVD Review: Wholphin No. 1 (DVD Magazine)

As a cineaste, a resource for short films (outside of the festival circuit) such as Wholphin is truly indispensable. Read More »

Writing in Boxes: Oppression in Women’s Literature

As a male, and specifically a white male, I have been afforded the freedom to write about whatever I please. Read More »

Embracing the Fact of Bisexuality

What will it take for our culture to experience a true sexual enlightenment? Read More »

Oscar Wilde and the Double Life of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde's classic novel is most importantly a study of the dichotomy of the "double life" led by many homosexuals. Read More »

Playing With Gender: Judith Butler and Gender Performativity

Exploring the performativity of traditional gender roles. Read More »