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Movie Review: It’s A Wonderful Life

Believe it or not, some folks haven’t seen It’s A Wonderful Life. Until a few minutes ago I was one of those. Sometimes there are experiences in life that shouldn’t be put off and seeing this movie is one of those. I watched it with my two sons (ages 10 and 7) over the last two nights. In terms of ... Read More »

Stupid CD Copy Protection – Switchfoot Responds

The moronic and behind the times record industry has made some of their best selling artists have copy protection on their CDs. It only happens on Windows machines and here’s what happens: if you have auto run on enabled and you put the copy protected CD into your CD drive it puts up some type of license agreement. If you ... Read More »

Album Review – Switchfoot: Nothing Is Sound

I was finally able to listen to the complete Switchfoot album, Nothing Is Sound (NIS), by pre-ordering via Amazon. The quality is only 64K but is good enough for me to get the vibe. I can only listen to it when I’m on a computer so I haven’t gotten the car CD or iPod effect yet. So, full disclosure, I ... Read More »