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Movie Review: Alive or Dead

Think of Alive or Dead as a lowest-grade version of The Hills Have Eyes—stripped of any redeeming qualities. Read More »

Movie Review: High School Musical 3 – Senior Year

HSM 3 will please giddy followers; yet, the film also proves that bigger isn’t always better, or better bigger. Read More »

Movie Review: Hard Candy

Considering the storyline demands intimacy, it is hard to imagine Hard Candy served any other way. Read More »

Movie Review: 9 Songs

The content of this review is sexual in nature. Reader discretion is advised. Read More »

Movie Review: Psycho (1960)

If you find yourself crestfallen with the humdrum horror of today, Psycho is the ticket. Read More »

Movie Review: The Battle of Algiers

Even after more than forty years, The Battle of Algiers is one of the most relevant films on war and persecution today. Read More »

Movie Review: Saw V

While Saw V is more of the same, this review is something different. Read More »

Movie Review: Silhouette City

By no means is Silhouette City anti-American or anti-conservative; it’s simply enlightening. Read More »

Movie Review: The Final Cut

The Final Cut is worth the time in analysis, but not worth the money. Read More »

Movie Review: The Dark Knight

I viewed The Dark Knight the day it opened, and it took me 57 days to put its greatness into words. Read More »