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Book Review: The Call of the Weird – Travels in American Subcultures by Louis Theroux

A light, unique and eye-opening work with a focus on some of America’s fringe issues and social nooks and crannies. Read More »

Music Review: The Dimwits – Hey Man, Good Set.

What really makes an independent record? Read More »

Music Review: The Human Abstract – Nocturne

I thought I'd heard them all but here's is a new label for you: "Technical Metal." Read More »

Prisoner Of Medicaid

America's Medicaid system saves, and destroys lives at the same time. Read More »

Music Review: Dear and the Headlights – Small Steps, Heavy Hooves

A band rises from the sweltering desert that is Arizona. Read More »

Music Review: Artimus Pyle Unleashes Artimus Venomus

Lynyrd Skynyrd's drummer drops a great solo album. Read More »

Movie Review: Hollywoodland

Hollywood proved to be deadlier than Kryptonite to TV's "Man of Steel". Read More »

PC Game Review: PeaceMaker

A unique game that promotes peace and understanding... Read More »

Book Review: The Innkeeper’s Tales by John L Herman Jr.

I used my version of The Canterbury Tales for a door stop, but this I like... Read More »

Will Ozzfest For Free Work?

Ozzfest is going to be free in 2007 but is it to good to be true. Read More »