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Music Review: Johnny Cash – Cash: Ultimate Gospel

A great collection of Johnny Cash's career spanning gospel recordings, coming March 6th. Read More »

Van Halen and Led Zepplin Sue Nightclub Over Cover Songs

Van Halen and Zed Zepplin show what they are really made of. Read More »

Music Review: Fountains of Wayne – Traffic and Weather

After a break, Fountains of Wayne return with a new release April 3. Read More »

Music Review: Testament: The Spitfire Collection

Another pointless collection of already available material that begs the question why. Read More »

Movie Review: Shut Up & Sing

The Dixie Chicks become unlikely poster girls for freedom of speech. Read More »

Movie Review: Ghost Rider

You need more than a big star to make a good comic book film - just ask Ben Affleck... Read More »

Book Review: Little New York Bastard by M. Dylan Raskin

A disturbing look inside the head of America's troubled youth. Read More »

Music DVD Review: Nine Inch Nails Live – Beside You in Time

Nine Inch Nails sets the stage for their new album Year Zero by releasing a live DVD. Read More »

Graphic Novel Review: Jack Hightower by Will Vinton and Andrew Wiese

A small, small man with a big ego...Jack Hightower! Read More »

DVD Review: Don’t Look Back: ’65 Tour Deluxe Edition

A new look at the classic Bob Dylan documentary, Don't Look Back. Read More »