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No Clearer Sign Needed

I know the cold shoulder and I can tell you Iraq has just blown us off. Read More »

It’s A Miami Thing – You Wouldn’t Understand

How about coming within the actual city limits of Miami and actually seeing this town before condemning it? Read More »

A State’s Rights Federalist? Impossible

McCain and his "Federalist" folly. Read More »

The “Big, Long, Gone” Plan

I can feel a draft coming on Read More »

Tips for the Suckers Buying a PlayStation 3

The hype is greater than the product Read More »

Bye-Bye Rummy. Bye-Bye

Rummy Resigns and the Game Continues Read More »

The Changing of the Guard

With great power comes great responsibility. Read More »

Saddam to Hang

Saddam's contribution to history is over. Read More »

Superiority Kerry-ed Him Away

Kerry must have a foot fetish the way he jammed it in his mouth. Read More »

Lynne Lies About Her Sisters

Does Lynne Cheney's condemnation of Jim Webb carry any value besides hypocrisy? Read More »