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Test Your Memory for Alzheimer’s

More than 100 million Americans have been touched by Alzheimer's, and one-third of Americans fear they will one day acquire it themselves. Read More »

Americans Increasingly Worried About How to Pay for Health Care

Health care costs and the potential loss of health care coverage are weighing heavily on the minds of many Americans. Read More »

Boston Legal, Alzheimer’s, and Dimebon

Boston Legal addresses an important issue. Read More »

Aricept Beneficial for Alzheimer’s Patients, But Expensive

An effective Alzheimer's drug could be more affordable. Read More »

How Do You Spell Boring? American Idol

When will LaKisha live up to the expectations she created on the first real week of the show? Read More »

American Idol – A Big Surprise Tonight

I’ll predict further that the bottom three are: Chris, LaKisha and Phil. If I am wrong on my prediction, bye bye Phil. Read More »

American Idol 6 — Sanjaya Now the One to Beat

For the first time this season the majority of the contestants came prepared to fight for the crown. Read More »

American Idol Prediction: My Plea to Sanjaya and America

Who cares what Simon Cowell has to say about you? Read More »

American Idol Prediction: Teenyboppers Will Send Sanjaya Soaring Into the Top Ten

Call them what you want -- Fanjayanatics, Fanjayanistas, or teenyboppers -- it should be clear by now that America's teenagers love Sanjaya. Read More »

Don’t Disrespect American Idol Underdog Sanjaya

It is amazing that a shy 17-year-old could elicit such strong emotions from so many across the U.S. ... everyone has an opinion. Read More »