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Book Review: Nightlife by Thomas Perry

A taut thriller in which a detective learns that her "reluctant witness" is really a serial killer. Read More »

Book Review: Any Approaching Enemy by Jay Worrall

It's back to the Age of Sail and the Napoleonic wars in Jay Worrall's entertaining new series. Read More »

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PC Game Review: Deimos Rising

An entertaining vertical-scrolling shooter brings back fond memories of yesteryear. Read More »

Book Review: The Sword of Straw by Amanda Hemingway

A lyrical blend of mythic legend and contemporary culture in a tale of a young boy who dreams of other worlds. Read More »

Book Review: His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik

An entertaining alternate "history" where the outcome of the Napoleonic Wars may be decided by dragons. Read More »

Book Review: Cybernetica by Michael J. Cavallaro

A dystopian tale of hope for the individual in a future of neural networks and subliminal signals. Read More »

Eclectic Bookshelf: Moonlit Metaphors

On today's disorganized bookshelf: bold dreams, old myths, vampires, and Queen Elizabeth. Read More »

DVD Review: Ultimate Avengers – The Movie

So much for hopes that the animated version could capture the gritty edge of Marvel's new Avengers. Read More »

Book Review: The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry

A former government operative finds himself in a desperate race to uncover the ancient secret of the Templar knights. Read More »