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The ANC Split: Disunity or a Strengthened and Meaningful Democracy

After the period of post-apartheid unity, South Africa is finally developing a meaningful level of political diversitty. Read More »

What Can Africa Expect from an Obama Presidency?

What can Africa expect from an Obama presidency? Not very much. Read More »

Democracy and the Idiosyncratic Insanity of the US Electoral College

A straight popular vote for president would be an improvement over the current convoluted system. Read More »

Barack Obama, Bill Ayers and Me

The McCain campaign has begun to panic in the face of plummeting polling numbers. Read More »

We Enter the Home Stretch

As I write, there are a mere twenty-seven days to go until the American people decide who they wish to see as their next president. Normally, about half the population doesn’t even bother to vote. For many, voting is irrelevant: “What difference does it make who is elected? Why waste my time?” My own guess is that because of the ... Read More »

Rejoice: The Impending Collapse of Global Capitalism?

Global capitalism is staggering and the system shows signs of breaking down, if only temporarily. Read More »

Coup de’Grace in South Africa: Mbeki’s Night of the Long Knives

The ANC gives Mbeki the final knife in the back and sends him packing. Read More »

From Around the World: McCain, Mbeki, Saakashvili and Mugabe

It is axiomatic in American politics that substantive issues are not what win elections. Read More »

Bear-Baiting in the Caucasus: Dangerous and Downright Stupid

Military confrontations between nuclear powers are inherently more dangerous than others. Read More »