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Kyoto is evil, Kyoto must die!!!

“Kyoto would have wrecked our economy. I couldn’t in good faith have signed Kyoto,” Bush said (from: Bush: Kyoto treaty would have hurt economy) Well, I guess that treaty is pretty bad stuff, eh? Only a guy like Bush could save us from such an ominous wreck as the Kyoto treaty while simultaneously running up record deficits that are apparently ... Read More »

Mistrust, but verify…

”These guys are terrorists who would sooner cut your head off than follow Geneva! They don’t deserve a trial!” Does this sound like a likely conservative answer to complaints about abuse of prisoners in American custody? In some cases this is absolutely true, some of the people we have in custody ARE terrorists. The question is, which of the people ... Read More »

”not relevant or not accurate in context”

Wow, how surprising. The Justice Department releases info on a Terrorist Threat To America. But later the case falls apart (without press releases or press conferences). The only surprising thing about this incident is how quickly the Terrorist Threat proved to be hyped. When the Alleged Terrorists were actually charged, the terrorist allegations were already dropped in the affidavit supporting ... Read More »

Timely thoughts on the Rule of Law from a Seattle Mayor…

“From the time I became mayor of the City of Seattle, I have directed constantly that in the making of arrests without warrant no person shall be thus arrested unless the officer making the arrest has information of his own knowledge or evidence from some other person upon which to base a definite charge for the violation of some law ... Read More »

George Bush Honors NRA With Obedience, Police Officers Get Lip Service…

George Bush gave America’s fallen police officers a nice speech… “President Bush paid tribute on Sunday to 156 law enforcement officers killed last year while making traffic stops, arresting criminals, investigating crimes and performing other duties… …”All of these men and women served the cause of justice,” Bush said at a memorial service on the Capitol lawn. “Our nation stands ... Read More »

Christianity 2.0 to be Released Only on Linux!!!

”Capping a two-week brouhaha over Microsoft’s fluid position on a state gay-rights bill, Chief Executive Steve Ballmer yesterday reversed course and said the company will support the legislation in the future.” from: Microsoft decides to back gay-rights bill. Speaking through a spokesperson, Saint Isidore of Seville (patron saint of computers and computer users), God announced that due to recent actions ... Read More »

File your FCC complaint against Laura Bush…

If man on animal sex (horse masturbation) jokes on a public CSPAN broadcast aren’t indecency, what is? (UPDATE) It has been pointed out to me that the FCC might not cover this because CSPAN is a cable channel. So be sure and include in your complaints that the FCC should expand its mandate to cover these types of outrages whether ... Read More »