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Retro Redux: Dem Bones Are Still Hangin’ Around

Airport X-rays can sometimes expose surprising secrets. Read More »

Retro Redux: Doin’ The Yam With Fred Astaire

Fred didn't want any part of it at first, but Ginger was willing. Read More »

Music Review: Nilson Matta & Brazilian Voyage – Copacabana

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Retro Redux: Glenn Yarbrough – Still In Strong Voice

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Retro Redux: Charlie Byrd’s Inspiration Led The Way

It seemed like a good idea. Turned out it was a great idea. Read More »

Music Review: Tierra Negra & Muriel Anderson – New World Flamenco

It's impossible to listen to this one without some serious finger-snapping. Read More »

Retro Redux: Early Phil Spector Project – Curtis Lee

Whatever your feelings about him, Spector did influence pop music for many years. Read More »

Retro Redux: The Kitty Who Became A Songbird – Kitty Kallen

The list of bandleaders she worked with reads like a who's who of the big band era. Read More »

Retro Redux: Rex Allen – Best Of The Singing Cowboys?

But what would Gene and Roy say? Read More »

Music Review: The Reese Project – Eastern Standard Time

Jazz fans might want to take a closer look at this one. Read More »