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Stardust Returns – Earth’s Scientists Begin To Study “The Stuff Of Stars”

"To see the capsule safely back on its home planet is a thrilling accomplishment." Read More »

Hubble Captures The Orion Nebula With Unparalleled Clarity

This extensive study took 105 Hubble orbits to complete. Read More »

SpaceX Reschedules First Launch for February 8th

Not too long ago, there was a Titan launch that had eleven scrubs and a Delta launch that had six. Read More »

The Hot Topic: FM Is STEREO. Does That Really Mean Anything?

How art and technology devolves from one generation to the next because everyone basically forgets how it was done before. Read More »

Titan’s Halo and the Christmas Tree Cluster

Despite blowing off my plans for a "Space Year In Review", I would like to share two rather nice pictures... Read More »

The United States Senate Decides To Complete The International Space Station

The 2006-2007 NASA budget includes language to ensure NASA completes a balanced science plan and requires a report to Congress every two years. Read More »

Black Hole Swallows Neutron Star?

Oh yeah, that old elliptical galaxy... on the outskirts no less. Read More »

TV Review: Survivor: Guatemala – Season Finale

Well, they tore its head off, so I think it's dead already. Read More »

TV Review: Survivor: Guatemala – Week Thirteen

This is the last "regular" episode. The two hour finale is scheduled for Sunday Evening. Read More »

NASA’s Mike Griffin Explains Space Science Cuts

"I am aware that many in the science community have questioned NASA's commitment to science." Read More »