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Put Me in the Action Radius

Hello, my name's Ben and I'm an action junkie. Read More »

I Still Miss Someone

I hope you know this will go down on your permanent record. Read More »

Staring Down the Demon of Kent State

The legacy of Kent State casts a long shadow over my psyche. Read More »

Born Free But at a Price

Free speech means that even those views you disagree with have a right to be aired. Read More »

The Beast I Am, Less the Beast I Become

There rages a monster within all of us; keeping them at bay is the war of our lives. Read More »

They’re Only Coal Miners

Will we ever figure it out? Most big companies don't give a damn about employee safety. Read More »

If He’s Anything Like Me…

The mother's curse comes home to roost. Read More »

Live Like You Were Dying

A wake-up-call can be the hardest to answer. Read More »

The Fool on the Hill

When one door opens, several more shut. Sometimes you've got to look backwards to move forward. Read More »

Fred Phelps and Fellow Idiots Are Walking on the Fighting Side of Me

They don't deserve their freedom of speech. Read More »