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Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

From the view of a Harry Potter fan. Read More »

Review: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory hits the “oooo-aaaaah” button in your brain quite a few times with its whirlwind of colors, fun props, and scenery, beautifully rendered on screen. Read More »

The Fantastic Four pile of crap

The movie should be split into two parts (farts might better describe the sections of the film: Producer Brain Fart #1 and Producer Brain Fart #2). Read More »

The Littlest Man Band

The debut CD which is titled Better Book Ends is absolutely wonderful in all its diversity. Try out “Stayed Away too Long,” (free for download on their Web site) for a starting glance at the band. The song, which is about a man neglecting his girlfriend, sounds like something that, at its core, could have been written by Ray Charles. Other influences include Tom Waits, John Lennon, and Brian Wilson. Read More »

You’re Caller Number 20!

This article from the New Times – San Luis Obispo makes a good point about radio nowadays. “…people don’t realize they’re being tricked. They don’t know radio isn’t live, they don’t realize when they call in to enter a ‘local contest’ that it’s not local and they’re competing to win against 50,000 people from all over the country.” Now, I ... Read More »

Avenue Q cast recording!

Trekkie Monster says: In Volatile market, only stable investment is porn! Read More »

The Last Samurai

The lobby display for this movie is extremly cheezy. Its tom cruise coming at you head on like theres an army behind you. Its really ugly, and if you see it you might think the movie is cheezy too. But it's not. Read More »

Bush Not Impeached Yet?

Clinton screwed the intern. Bush sent 432 Americans, 53 British, 17 Italians and one Polish, to death in the Iraq war as of November 25, 2003 Read More »

Dali & Disney Short

Fragments of the unfinished film "Destino" along with story boards, sketches and an original score were painstakingly put together by a team assembled by Disney's nephew Roy Disney after they were discovered in the studio's vaults. Read More »

Broadway continues hollywood makeover

It seems that Broadway is going to be bombarded with more movies over the next few years. Im not saying thats a bad thing, I love the Producers, Hairspray, and Lion King. Even Full Monty the musical was enjoyable. However this article makes it sound like every movie and its brother are going to be coming to broadway. The movies ... Read More »