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Beijing Olympics: Grand Theatre Despite Human Rights Problems

Human rights issues and the limits on the press in China placed a cloud over the Beijing Olympic Games. Regardless, they were wonderful to behold. Read More »

Where Do They Get These Clowns Who Run For President?

Who are the idiots who nominate these idiots? Read More »

Left Wing Tax-and-Spenders and the Rose-Colored Dream of John McCain

With McCain pulling even in the polls, the Conservative dream of a perfect world is at hand. Read More »

Barack Obama: Rock Star!

If the scene of Monday night's rally in Indy is any indication, Barack Obama has achieved rock star status. Read More »

Fun At The Airport

’Tis a far different world we now find ourselves in. Read More »

To Deutschland We Have Come: The Jewish Museum in Berlin

Containing in one handy package, the joy of flying tourist across the great ocean, and the sobering effect of mass murder. Read More »

Flying Over The Ocean and Doing Touristy Things in Germany

In anticipation of our fun flights to and from Europe which will be akin to spending eight hours flying in a coffin. Read More »

Indiana Gay Marriage Ban – Update

Constitutional gay marriage ban hits a wall in Indiana House Committee. Amendment supporters lament the "tragedy." Boohoo. Crockodile tears. Read More »

Saturday Night Live – A Dinosaur That Should Throw Itself Into The La Brea Tar Pits

How can SNL still be on the air? It sucks! Read More »

Is Indiana Turning Blue?

A recent poll of Indiana voters reveals serious trouble for Republicans in a state normally considered sacrosanct conservative territory. Read More »