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Peyton Manning And The Fleeting Nature of Sports Excellence

In sports, as elsewhere, life at the top can be precarious and short lived. Fans of such teams are lucky. Read More »

Mary Travers, 1936-2009

With the passing of Mary Travers, yet another voice of Boomer youth is silenced. Read More »

The Sky is Falling!

After many long, dark nights of frustration, a few streaks of light made my day! Read More »

A Good and Bad Day

Death comes after us every day. We fend it off, celebrate our success, and mourn those who lose the battle. Read More »

Sub-Prime Lending: Are the Borrowers the Bad Guys?

The blame for the sub-prime mortgage mess is all too often placed at the feet of borrowers. Is that fair? Read More »

The Shack

A small playhouse built by my dad over 50 years ago still stands. Read More »

John McCain’s Image: True or Tainted?

Sen. John McCain would have you believe he is a hero and a patriot. Is he? Read More »

The Appraisal: One Source of Our Economic Woes

The current mess this country finds itself in regarding the entire financial industry has many culprits. Appraisals are one. Read More »

Yet Another Look At John McCain’s VP Choice

Sarah Palin's selection as John McCain's running mate was a "Madison Avenue" style stroke of brilliance. Read More »

Hillary Hits a Home Run, Right Where She Aims It

Hillary Clinton's speech accomplished what was needed to unite the Democratic Party. Now, the Democrats must go after McCain with gusto! Read More »