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Democrats Re-Writing History? Where Are The WMDs Mr. Bush?

For a proven liar to mount a "comeback" by continuing the same lies when time has proven them false is sickening Read More »

Bush/Cheney Aide “Scooter” Libby Indicted, Stocks Soar

More undeniable evidence has emerged showing that what is bad for the Bush administration is great for America. Read More »

Kay Bailey Hutchison Used To Think Perjury Was Serious

Wow, what a flip-flop Hutchison has undergone regarding "technicalities" like perjury, or maybe she is just a complete hypocrite. Read More »

George W. Bush: Denies Evolution; Warns Bird Flu Will Evolve

Bush says the "jury is out" on evolution then warns that bird flu will evolve into a human to human strain. Read More »

The Scalia Precedent: Will Tom DeLay’s Judge Have To Step Aside?

The judge is a Democrat, but it isn't that is being judged for criminal activity, its Tom DeLay. Read More »

“Bloodthirsty” Kilgore Misses Mark Invoking Hitler Against Kaine

Kaine is against the death penalty because his church prohibits the taking of life. Kilgore flouts his religious teachings and has a blood-lust for death so severe that even knowing innocent people have been put to death in Virginia does not give him pause. Read More »

Air America Radio Sued By Alleged Torture Contractor (CACI)

Air America has been sued by defense contractor and alleged Abu Ghraib torture-accomplice CACI International for defamation. Read More »

George W. Bush Can’t Handle The Troops

In a disgraceful form of devious propaganda, Bush tried to create the false appearance that everything is wonderful in Iraq. Read More »

“Racist” Bill Bennett Still Clueless On Racial Issues

Bill Bennett is either clueless when it comes to racial issues or he is an outright bigot. Read More »

Death With Dignity: John Roberts Legislating From The Bench

The Rehnquist court led forcefully in the degredation of the 10th amendment, except when it achieved a result the judge wanted. Read More »