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Katie Melua – Call Off The Search

The biography that accompanied my review copy of Katie Melua’s debut album Call Off The Search began by describing her tremendous popularity in the UK: over one million albums sold, six weeks at number one. There happens to be an intern from the UK working in my office this summer, and she confirmed that Miss Melua has indeed risen rapidly ... Read More »

Early Grammy Review

Reactions right after the conclusion of the Grammys: * 50 Cent is a classless thug. That little bit of posturing during the presentation of the award he didn’t win was disgusting. * Foo Fighters and White Stripes each gave one of the best award show performances I’ve seen. Andre 3000’s performance at the end of the show, though, was one ... Read More »

Cold Mountain Left Me…Cold

[SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! There are probably going to be spoilers in the following review. If you don’t want to suffer spoilage, then stop reading now.] It’s fitting that I saw Cold Mountain on a night when the temperature was as cold as it’s been this winter around here…a good 28 degrees below freezing. This film did nothing to warm ... Read More »

Master and Commander

The other night, as I was sitting and watching TV, I decided to informally keep track of the number of portrayals of men as incompetent, bumbling idiots in either advertising or programs. The results were not encouraging. It seems that the typical male, as portrayed on TV, is slightly-to-grossly overweight, has irresistable attractions to beer/salty snacks/pizza/babes, has the intellectual capacity ... Read More »

Alabama: American Farewell Tour

To country music supergroup Alabama, “farewell does not mean goodbye.” Thus states their commemorative tour book, and, apparently, they take it seriously. This would explain, for instance, why one of my friends went to their Kansas City farewell concert last fall, but last night, I also attended their Kansas City farewell concert. Apparently, “farewell” has less to do with final ... Read More »

Counting Crows/John Mayer Live In K.C.

Just returned from the Counting Crows/ John Mayer concert in Kansas City. Musically speaking, it was a pretty solid show. The Crows played a set balanced between songs off their latest album, Hard Candy, and their older hit material. “Mr. Jones,” expectedly, received the best audience reaction of the night, although a mid-set performance of “Big Yellow Taxi” and a ... Read More »

LXG & Pirates: Opening Night Reviews

This week featured the opening of two movies I’ve been anticipating for some time: Pirates of the Caribbean and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I attended a Wednesday opening night screening of the former and just returned from an opening night screening of the latter. The verdict: Pirates is superb and LXG is, well, quite unextraordinary indeed. Let me pose ... Read More »

Get Down With Love Instead of The Matrix

Wow. BlogCritics is apparently now Matrix Central, and the only change of pace is for A Mighty Wind. Well, here’s some variety to spice up the mix. I took in a matinee of Down With Love this afternoon, and thoroughly enjoyed it. In many ways, I enjoyed it more than Reloaded, which yes, I have already seen. Reloaded was fine ... Read More »