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The Poseidon Adventure on NBC

NBC sails a new POSEIDON ADVENTURE Sunday at 8pm. Links to some reviews. Read More »

Movie Smackdown!: A History of Violence vs Straw Dogs

Two Reviews for the Price of One. One film now in theaters goes up against a classic on DVD -- no ties allowed. Read More »

O.J. Verdict: Where Were You?

It's been ten years this week since the verdict came down in the O.J. Simpson double-murder case here in Los Angeles. Read More »

Movie Review: Serenity vs Star Wars

Movies-Squared: review one film out in theaters against a related film out on DVD...declare a winner... Read More »

Miers and O’Connor Confirmations: A Re-Run?

Read TIME magazine's coverage of Reagan's announcement that Sandra Day O'Connor was his pick for the Supreme Court. Read More »

John Lennon at 65

October 9, 1940 is John Lennon's birthday which means he would be turning 65 this year and it's 25 years since his death. Read More »

Movie Review: Flightplan vs Panic Room

Movies-Squared: review a film out in theaters against a related film out on DVD... declare a winner... Read More »

Brush Fire Aftermath: Welcome to My Neighborhood

On being evacuated in Los Angeles with zero notice in the middle of the night. Read More »

Brush Fire! Welcome to My Neighborhood

Maybe with all the Katrina backlash in the news you never even heard of the LA brush fires this week. We were evacuated... Read More »

Time Magazine Predicts New Orleans Disaster in 2000 Issue

Back in 2000, a Time cover-article said New Orleans could become the next Atlantis... Read More »