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News at the Speed of Light: CBS Taunts the Blogosphere

Must be remnants of sour grapes from the Rathergate debacle. What the big media dinausaurs don't understand is Blogging is not a one-way monologue... Read More »

Cache is King

Microsoft is planning to use our private data in Windows to usurp Google as the premier search engine. Read More »

How the Media Helps Terrorism

It is a war of the mind and these are the real weapons of war - not guns or bombs. Take away their technology and they would be back in their tents tending goats. Read More »

Rathergate, The Real Story

It appears that blogs have finally elevated from a cyber-niche of lonely geeks to a powerful political tour de force: Read More »

Rather, Chalk This Up For The Blogsphere

The mark of a man (or woman) is not how many mistakes he didn't make - but rather how he handles those mistakes. Everybody messes up and his exemplary career to date demands absolution. As for CBS' handling of the matter, I'm not so sure. Read More »

Apprentice Bradford Cohen – You’re Fired!

Trump said it best. At the end of the show he leaned back in his chair and said "it doesn't get any better than that". Can you spell P-O-W-E-R F-R-E-A-K? Read More »

Bloggers Declare War on Spam

The doom and gloom naysayers are predicting that comment spamming will mark the end of blogging, (or at least as we now know it) and are advocating the removal of commenting altogether. Read More »

Bloggers Scoop Mainstream Journalism

Bloggers have long been the brunt of criticism and ridicule from mainstream journalists. They look down on us like so much rabble - a bunch of misfits and amateur would-be, wannabes deserving of their scorn and disdain. Well it seems that bloggers have finally gained the upper hand this time. Read More »

Copyright Bill to Kill Tech?

Boy oh boy, haven’t we heard this before. Not happy with nixing your DVD’s, certain neanderthal Senators now want to take back your VCRs. I’ll give you three guesses who’s in their pocket. This coming Thursday the Senate Judiciary Committee plans to consider a bill that would hold technology companies liable for any product they make that ‘encourages’ people to ... Read More »

I (H)ATE My Computer!

So who says these things are only just machines? Right when you need them the most they always let you down! For crying out loud. I returned from holiday only to find that my friggin ‘puter was suffering from more than a little indigestion. What really annoyed me about it was there were no error messages. No blue screen of ... Read More »