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Bush Unveils New Terrorist Strategy

The FBI is looking for a few good men. Dicks need not apply. Read More »

Intelligent Design OR Looking for God in all the ‘Right’ Places

Perhaps all the flak over the president's comments is due to the words "intelligent design" and "Bush" being used in the same sentence? Read More »

London Terrorists: Do they have the right Suspects?

So much for going out in a blaze of glory to meet Allah. Read More »

Beam Me “UP” Scotty

Not long ago I had the pleasure to meet Mr. Doohan, although our first close encounter almost ended up in a head butting. Read More »

Pew Poll Says Support For Bin Laden Is Down But Is No Reason To Gloat

It's beginning to look like we're making progress. That's good news but should also be a wake-up call for policy makers. Read More »

Death by Stupicide

Home-Grown Terrorism: Call 1-800-TERROR and Free the Culture of Paranoia. Read More »

Live 8 Concert – who really benefits?

The Live 8 Concert came and went with the usual fanfare. But who are the real winners? Could it be the entertainers who give of their "free" time to resurrect or promote careers at the biggest venue of all time, but rarely reach into their own pocket. Read More »

Separating Church and State

Trying to separate law from religion is like separating the... well, the church from state. Make sense? I'm glad it does to you because the whole notion is contradictory to my sensibilities. Read More »

There Goes Johnny!

I recall watching Johnny as a young child. Sitting on the family sofa and watching my parents laugh, not quite understanding the jokes myself, but joining in the laughter just the same. Read More »

Tsunami Carnage: A Blogger’s Perspective

The recent Tsunami tragedy is unprecedented in modern history and of truly Biblical proportions. Thanks to technology, never in the history of mankind has the world witnessed such an epic event. Read More »