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DVD Review: X-Men Origins – Wolverine

X-Men: First Class is out on DVD. You know it says something when its predecessor goes straight to the bargain bin. Read More »

DVD Review: Creepshow

Not all comic book movies are superhero comic books . . . Read More »

DVD Review: Equillibrium

After he was psycho and before he was Batman, Christian Bale was somewhere in-between in this gun-heavy futuristic thriller. Read More »

Movie Review: The Lost Boys

Before he brought shame to the bat-cave in "Batman and Robin", director Joel Schumacher sparked an undead rival with "The Lost Boys". Read More »

DVD Review: Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Think you've seen all of the Batman movies? You may have missed one. Read More »

DVD Review: Cursed (2005)

Before he was outrunning zombies, lawyers, and bank robbers, Jesse Eisenberg had to deal with werewolves. Read More »

DVD Review: Leprechaun Four Film Collection – Beware of Lucky Charms

Here's four great movies for $5 at Wal-Mart . . . ahh who am I kidding? Read More »

My Vendetta with V for Vendetta

Whether you are looking for another comic book movie with Natalie Portman or just want to know what the deal is with Guy Fawkes, this movie has something for you. Read More »