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ART/In Word Only (Basquiat retrospective)

The In Word Only exhibition of the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat presents paintings, drawings, and notebooks that feature only Basquiat’s written words. The artist was well known for large, colorful works dense with gesture, collage, figures, symbols and words, but this exhibition will be the first to exclusively feature Basquiat’s unique and significant use of language. The exhibition includes works ... Read More »

ART: Faces in the Crowd

The exhibition’s title, Faces in the Crowd, is taken from a one-image poem by Ezra Pound: “The apparition of these faces in the crowd; petals on a wet, black bough,” inspired by a journey on the Paris Metro in 1913. It gives a powerful evocation of the individual immersed within the modern metropolis. Pound’s celebrated haiku powerfully evokes the individual ... Read More »

Music Reviews: Planet Electronica

This month: Quicksilver harmonics. Spaced-out, ethereal, ambient, melty music that seems to ooze out all over outer space like a mellow threat from Planet Electronica. FEZ DISPENSER: Fez Dispenser Jazz-influenced beat-driven abstract hip hop. Think DJ Shadow, Chemical Brothers, and the Crystal Method taken up a musical notch: they know their jazz, too. This CD is packed with the following, ... Read More »

DANCE/Camera Illuminata

Camera Illuminata — an evening of five new solos and duets, inspired by paintings of Caravaggio, Currin, Degas, Flandrin, and Schiele. The show derives its name from camera obscura (“dark chamber”), a device used by painters to view a scene projected as an image inside of a dark box. In Camera Illuminata, the inverse is achieved, as two-dimensional paintings inspire ... Read More »

Guest Author Sessions

Guest Author sessions are hosted by cyberpunk novelist Marianne de Pierres. Every week, settle in for a freewheeling Q & A session with some of your favorite authors. Get valuable advice and encouragement from some of the best writers around; participating authors have generously agreed to take time away from their writing to answer questions, and share what worked for ... Read More »

ART BOOKS: Urgent Architecture

Outlaw architecture is the subject of Urgent Architecture. Artist/architect Marjeta Potrc, based in Slovenia, is known for her ingenious re-imaginings of architectural structures in ‘unplanned’ cities (barrios, favelas, shantytowns and squatter communities). The highlight of her LVAC exhibition was a massive installation of housing units, Hybrid House: Caracas, West Bank, West Palm Beach (2003), a complex and visually arresting architectural ... Read More »

Writers Bloc series: Andrea Semple

Beat the snot out of writer’s block by Andrea Semple Writing a novel is hard. First off, you’ve got to cope with everyone smiling patronizingly at the idea that you could ever be a published writer. Then you’ve got all those horrible demon voices in your head saying: ‘YOU’RE CRAP! YOU’LL NEVER BE A NOVELIST! PUT YOUR PEN DOWN AND ... Read More »

EVENT/NYC: eNerGy Anime Festival

Nov. 19-21 Dyslexic otakus of the world, untie! The weekend-long eNerGy Festival bash starts this Friday. New York-Tokyo (NYT) monthly events — Gamer’s Night Groove (GNG) and Monthly Director’s Series (MDS) — bring the best in cutting edge games and music, and film/anime from Tokyo to NYC. Anime festival eNerGy 2004 brings all of these ingredients together into a multi-media ... Read More »

LIFE: Math and Murphy’s Law

A panel of experts commissioned by British Gas has got the goods on Murphy’s Law; they’ve worked out the statistical rule for predicting the law of “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” as: ((U+C+I) x (10-S))/20 x A x 1/(1-sin(F/10)). Five factors were singled out as building blocks for unnatural disasters: urgency (U), complexity (C), importance (I), skill ... Read More »

EXHIBIT: DaDaDa: Strategies Against Marketecture

ART/UK DaDaDa: Strategies Against Marketecture Through Nov. 21 This exhibition explores the visual aesthetics of resistance. Taking in work that mixes up art, music and design, artists from the US, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Finland and the UK, the program provides a critical and often playful opposition to super-hyped consumer culture. Curator statement: Strategien gegen Architekturen (Vols. I-III), is a ... Read More »