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Interview: Jordan Ekeroth, Author of The Fulton Incident


"When writing, the most important thing to me is that every detail, word, or phrase serves to support the narrative." Read More »

Interview: Jo Sparkes, Author of The Birr Elixir


"I love to read the genres I write. Fantasy, thrillers, mysteries, sci fi." Read More »

Interview: Val Stasik, Author of Incidental Daughter


"I would like to be remembered as a talented writer who took the time to be a human being. . ." Read More »

Interview: Alana Terry, Author of The Beloved Daughter


An author who pens for: "readers who appreciate having their world-view stretched every now and then." Read More »

Interview: Kraig Dafoe, Author of Search for the Lost Realm


Kraig Defoe offers readers an escape to a world unlike any they can imagine. Read More »

Interview: Cynthia Ruchti, Author of When the Morning Glory Blooms


Meet a writer who never ceases to inspire others through her words. Read More »

Interview: Sherry Kyle, Author of The Heart Stone


Everyone wants to leave behind a special footprint of their lives; find out what this author hopes to leave behind. Read More »

Interview: Ann Gimpel, Author of Magic’s Daughter


"My characters have just been so much happier since I started giving them HEAs with the man (or woman) of their dreams." Read More »

Interview: Emma Clay, Author of Revived by Grace


Follow along a journey to find "the only thing worth living for". Read More »

Interview: Joseph Spencer, Author of Grim

Meet the man behind the paranormal crime thriller, Grim! Read More »