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Saint Germain On The Role Of Churches and Governments

I just listened to a channel by Saint Germain on releasing energy and belief systems that no longer support who we are choosing to be. It specifically deals with how the different belief systems prevalent on Earth at this time have served to maintain a power balance that allows a small minority to control the accepted version of reality. The ... Read More »

Steve Fossett Ends Phenomenal 3-Day, No-Refueling Record Solo Flight Around The World

Steve Fosset, 60 year old billionaire entrepreneur aviator pilots the globalflyer in the first solo no-refueling circumnavigation record-breaking 3-day flight. The flight took exactly 67 hours, 2 minutes and 38 seconds and ended at the 12,000 foot runway in Salina, Kansas. Salinas was chosen as the final stop in this aviation breakthrough flight precisely because of its superior length. Proud ... Read More »

BBC Week In Pictures: February 19-25, 2005

I visited the BBC website to look at their pictures and found this past week’s picture review. What a nice surprise to find they do a weekly picture review… I love looking at wonderful pictures! My favourites include:  a man holding his hunted fox against a wonderfully dramatic sky backdrop. I look forward to the day when we no longer ... Read More »

Christopher Pittman: 12-year Old Killer Charged As An Adult

This morning I re-read this post and thread, wrote a comment and realised I had more to say. This is cross-posted from my blog. I probably qualify to be labeled a ‘bleeding heart’, whatever that is. Among some of the labels I can apply to myself, one of them is that I am a mother of two children. From my ... Read More »

America’s Best Show Dog Is Carlee, A German Shorthaired Pointer

It’s over! Several days of judging, rousing audience participation, excited auction bidding and nail biting anticipation. The Westminster Kennel Club’s 2005 Show is over. The final judge had to review the top 7 dogs that were all outstanding. Four large dogs, one medium sized and two representatives of the small variety vied for the top position and the whirlwind network ... Read More »

World Press Photo Award 2004

Last night I saw coverage of pictures that won the World Press Photo Award 2004 on the television and just looked them up again on the BBC web site. The pictures chosen are usually snapshots that freeze an important moment in human history and records it for posterity. The entries cover some of the dramatic occurrences that we all witnessed ... Read More »

‘Short Shorts’ Party to Kick Off Jamaica Carnival, February 12, 2005

The popular ‘Short Shorts’ Party at the Tropical Beach, Montego Bay kicks off this year’s Jamaica Carnival season on February 12, 2005. This will the 16th year of Jamaica Carnival, founded by the world-renowned Calypsonian Byron Lee of ‘Byron Lee and the Dragonaires’ fame. This year’s Jamaica Carnival will feature events that spread out over more of rural Jamaica than ... Read More »

GENDER ALERT: Iran Opens Up Presidency To Women Or Do They?

In the ebb and flow of global gender rebalancing, the impulse towards freedom and expanded expression for women create interesting flukes in our third dimensional reality. Five hours ago the BBC posted an item “Iran Opens Up Presidency To Women’. Six minutes ago I noticed an update titled ‘Iran Denies Letting Women Seek Presidency’. When I checked back at the ... Read More »

Huygens Probe Lands: Titan to Earth, Come in Earth!!!

After seven years of waiting, the landing of the Huygens probe on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, is now being celebrated as the latest segment of human exploration of space. The announcement that the probe had relayed scientific data via the Cassini mother ship orbiting Saturn was received with applause and jubilation at the European Space Agency’s mission control in Darmstadt, ... Read More »

Tsunami Affects Some of Asia’s Last Stone Age Tribes

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Andaman Sea are home to Asia’s last Stone Age tribes. There are six main groups: 1. the 270 strong Jarava; 2. the 100 member Onge; 3. the 50 – 250 member Sentinelese; 4. the 41 member Great Andamanese; 5. the 380 Shompen; 6. and the 30,000 member Nicobarese. The Associated Press reports that ... Read More »