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Has It Really Been Seven Years?

Seven years later, sometimes it seems like only yesterday. Read More »

A Question Concerning Smoking Bans

I know they're bad for me and so does everyone else. If they're so bad for me then outlaw them. Read More »

O Unbiased News, Where Art Thou?

I know they’re all lying to me -- they must be. They all have different stories! Read More »

Do Golden Parachutes Send Gas Prices Sky High?

I did the math and I came to the conclusion that we're getting screwed here people! Read More »

Offending The Fat. I Mean, Obese

I don't believe the majority of obese people fit into the category of “it can't be helped.” Read More »

Was Pat Robertson Wrong This Time About Islam?

How can you call Islam a religion of peace any more? Read More »

I’m So Confused

Since I’m already a blasphemer and a heretic I’ll just continue on my present course. Read More »

Book Review:The Gnostic Gospels

I picked this book up looking for answers and all I got for it is a bunch more questions Read More »

NAS Oceana and BRAC

I'm trying to figure out how losing a billion dollars a year in revenue is going to enhance my quality of life. Read More »

Just in case you didn’t know…

Did you know that yesterday was the anniversary of Teddy – I love my vodka straight up – Kennedy getting away with murder? 36 years ago yesterday, Teddy Kennedy left a woman trapped in her car to suffocate, not drown! He never called the cops, he just went home and slept it off! You can read about it here Mary ... Read More »