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current events

Current events are all about what's happening right now on a worldwide scale. In the early days of the blogosphere, mainstream media didn't realize that bloggers were reporting faster, and often better, on current events.  Some mainstream writers still think that way.  Current events aren't all about politics, but politics remain a driving force for a lot of bloggers. Michelle ... Read More »


When a lot of people think of America (which stands for "the United States of America" in the English-speaking world), they think of sports.  Even with all the blogging statisticians out there, America's athletes earn worldwide attention.  Hollywood is another side of America, no less popular in real life than in the blogosphere. Every 4th of July, Americans celebrate their independence from Great ... Read More »


Churches are places for people of faith to meet.  Over half of the world’s 34,000 Christian churches are small, and blogs offer them a place to connect.  Over 86 percent of the world’s population of 6.7 billion belongs to a church and blogs connect them together. New Christian movements like the Resurgence are reaching out to all ages via the ... Read More »