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Author Archives: Ambrose Musiyiwa

The Diary of an Asylum Seeker: Anatomy of A Work In Progress

"The challenge is to see if I can tell this story in 50,000 words or more." Read More »

Literary Works Re-imagine The Life of Christ

The spirit that informs Jesus, the Son of Man and The Gospel According to the Son feels so authentic that each of the books reads like an alternative Gospel. Read More »

An Interview with Rose Paisley, author of A Wild Love: Escape

"I have played around with stories, but never consider myself as a serious writer, it was an accident…" -- Rose Paisley. Read More »

Interview with Emma Sanders, Author of One Wrong Move

There’s always the fear that you have only one story to tell, and others won’t come afterwards -- Emma Sanders. Read More »

Interview with Maurice Suckling, Computer Games Scriptwriter and Author

"A lot of computer game stories I write are set in a crime, or an adventure, an action, or a sports world." Read More »

An Interview with Patrick Mackeown, Author of The Expendability Doctrine

"It’s difficult to study inhumanity on a daily basis and still believe in goodness." Read More »

An Interview with Bhaswati Ghosh, Author of Making Out in America

"The book is an anecdotal, humorous account of my brush as an outsider with everyday American lingo." Read More »

An Interview with Anne Douglas, Author of Position Vacant

"I’d love to say that I’ve experienced all the erotic portions of my stories, but alas..." Read More »

An Interview with E.A. Saraby, Author of The Light of Pensieri

"The book was a safe way for me to confront a few of my demons in a creative, hidden sort of way." -- E.A. Saraby. Read More »

An Interview with Bettye Griffin, Author of One on One

"The illustrated Dick and Jane readers didn’t have a single character who looked like me. They were all blond and blue-eyed." -- Bettye Griffin. Read More »