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Author Archives: Amber Grapestain

Polanski’s Oliver Twist: Review

Extravagently and meticulously detailed, Polanski's film is indeed a faithful adaptation, and a visually thrilling production. Read More »


High hopes for Steve Carell in NBC's take on The Office Read More »

i heart huckabees

The world is out there, and it's full of pain and misery and wondrous things and meaningless coincidences. Read More »

The Forgotten

The Forgetten guessed it: forgettable. Read More »

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Imagination is the name of the game in Kerry Conran's lushly realized Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Read More »

$60 DVD player vs. Home Theatre

What's the point of spending $500 on a home theatre system when a $60 DVD player will do you just fine? Read More »

An Average Joe loses out to an Average Jerk

Larissa reveals her "secret" and Gil runs away. The producers spend 15 minutes of footage showing Larissa sulking and using the words "ironic" and "rejected" in a sentence. Read More »

Morris steps up to the plate

Tonight on ER, there's some kid who won't stop screaming for his father. In Spanish. For no good reason. Read More »

The state of television

The airways haven't always been crowded with mediocre crap. A quick guide to tv over the last 50 years, the current status of programming and prospects for the future. Read More »

Spoilers for Ed and the O.C.

Caution, do not read this if you absolutely must be surprised by the predictable antics of "Must-see" tv. Read More »