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Real Unemployment Jumps to 16.8 Percent

If you read Table 12 in the Bureau of Labor Statistics report you learned the real unemployment rate is not 9.5 percent. Read More »

Number of Unemployed Americans Soars Over 14 Million

The most commonly cited unemployment reports may not be showing the true picture. Read More »


ABIOMED, Inc. (pronounced "AB'-EE-O-MED") is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical products designed to assist or replace the pumping function of the failing heart. Read More »

Florida Voting Machine Broken

One out of five voting machines not working as Precinct 4068 in Delray Beach, Florida opens. Read More »

IMLogic Offers Free Blocking For Instant Messaging

The free product replaces products that cost anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 to install and use. Read More »

Fifty-three (53) million American adults are Instant Message users

A new survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that fifty-three (53) million American adults are Instant Message users. Some 42% of online Americans use instant messaging, and 24% of instant messengers say they use IM more frequently than email. Read More »

RE: Scam Alert: Watch Out For “Ownership Society”

Why are young Americans under the age of twenty-five such chumps? Read More »

Are Blogs the Once-ler of the Net?

An interesting article on the state of blogging. Read More »

AOL Instant Messaging Survey Lights The Way For New Marketing Opportunities

The new usage figures are prompting the world's largest Internet Service Provider to aggressively market the Instant Messaging client as a unique opportunity for marketers. Read More »

AOL Instant Message Awards

AOL City awards include: most likely to gossip or complain, fastest fingers, an affair to forget, Clark Kent, Chatty Charlie, Digital Don Juan and others. Read More »