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Apple’s WWDC 2013: the Good, the Bad, and the Meh

Redesigned MacPro 2013

Apple's devices need to give consumers more room to breathe if Apple wants to keep pace with Google and an advancing Microsoft. Read More »

How to Fix Dodd-Frank


Wall Street's resistance aside, the bill is fraught with flaws and exceptions, and hasn't changed a thing. Read More »

In Europe, Few Jobs for the Old and Even Fewer for the New

European Youth Unemployment Cartoon

Europe should scrap the austerity mantra and concentrate its efforts on supporting unemployment relief, tax reform, and job creation. Read More »

Who Really Gains From Austerity?

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel

In, “Europe Should Stop Listening To Germany“, I very briefly mentioned the advantage Germany and other nations of the austerity chorus have over their southern counterparts thanks to skewed bond analysis employed by global markets. Part of the problem stems from the ability of each nation’s central bank to issue new debt, thus allowing markets to assess each issue state-by-state ... Read More »

For Microsoft, Windows 8 Is Not the Problem

With Microsoft's announcement of an update to its flagship OS, many say Windows 8 is the "New Coke" of its day. Read More »

Europe Should Stop Listening to Germany

Should Eurozone nations continue to heed the words of the very nation which profits directly from austerity gone bad elsewhere? Read More »

Broke If You Do, Broke If You Don’t.

With the failure of the bailout approval in parliament, Cyprus edges that much closer to default. Thing is, a yes vote wouldn't have changed a thing. Read More »

Because They’ll Steal it Anyway, Just Give it to Them First?

Even with stock markets reaching record highs, can America truly afford to turn a blind eye to the excesses of Wall Street's banking elite? Read More »

Mum’s the Word on Cyber Security

In his State of the Union address, President Obama outlined a new initiative to improve America's networks defenses. But what could Congress approve that federal agencies aren't already doing? Read More »

“Assault Weapons” Defined; How America Could Regulate Rifles

The term "assault weapon" is at the head of the efforts by gun control advocates to regulate military-style firearms. But what weapons actually make the cut? Read More »