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Low Information Voters

A viral campaign is targeting voters but its poisonous message can easily be disproved. Read More »

Why The Maverick Stands Alone

John McCain won’t win the Presidency. Not because Obama is so much better, but because McCain is a bigger threat to the Neocons. Read More »

The Audacity of Soap

Is Barack Obama the start of a movement or the continuation of something that has already begun? Read More »

Book Review: Crystal Bay by Brandon Ford

An isolated writer is seduced by a bloodthirsty temptress. Read More »

Book Review: Unholy Domain by Dan Ronco

A young man tries to escape his father's past only to find himself in the middle of a war over the ethics of technology. Read More »

Book Review: Janeology by Karen Harrington

In Janeology a father is put on trial for allowing his wife to kill one of their children. Read More »

Book Review: Unholy Grail by D.L. Wilson

Another duo of investigators take a shot at the bloodline of Jesus Christ in this work of fiction. Read More »

Book Review: Hoi Polloi edited by Robert McNulty

The real value comes not from its bite-size musings but instead from its author profiles and interviews. Read More »

A Sober Plea for Ending the War in Iraq

Iraq is providing some painful realities which are about to kick us in the conscience Read More »

Book Review: Confessions of a Corporate Slut by Jacqueline Gum

Brilliant story of a successful corporate woman who smashed glass ceilings at every turn, only to give it all up for the man she loved. Read More »