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Movie Review: Patrick Marber’s Closer – Farce Served Cold

A compelling performance of Patrick Marber's configuration of desperate men and women in love and easily Mike Nichols's best movie. Read More »

Movie Review: Notes on a Scandal – You Were Temptation

Dench turns a parched, repressed crone into a confiding, self-defeating monster — Richard III in squalid middle-class miniature. Read More »

Movie Review: Jacques Rivette’s L’Amour fou – Mr. and Mrs. Natural

Husband versus wife in a masterpiece of narrative paradox. Read More »

Movie Review: Dreamgirls – Half and Half

Soap opera finally defeats the good musical numbers, and they aren't all good. Read More »

Movie Review: Amy Sedaris in Strangers With Candy – The Imp of the Imperfectible

Borat is theatrical genius, but Strangers With Candy spanks the mind to attention. Read More »

Movie Review: The Queen: Popular v. Sovereign

Illustration rather than invention. Read More »

Movie Review: Stranger Than Fiction – No Defense

Just the kind of numbskull movie that critics call "smart." Read More »

Movie Review: The Last King of Scotland – The Devil Wears Khaki

African history reduced to a Scotsman's romance of redemption. Read More »

Movie Review: Clint Eastwood’s Flags of Our Fathers – Foof

For this son of a Pacific-theater marine, far less moving than the National World War II Memorial. Read More »

Movie Review: Douglas McGrath’s Infamous – Crazy Lepidoptery

As much fun as a fundamentally disturbing anecdote could possibly be. Read More »