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All The Reviews Miss The Point Of Sex And The City

At last, a chick flick with serious themes -- and none of the reviewers got it. Read More »

Why Barack Is Beating The Pantsuits Off Hillary — And How Her “Experience” Has Handed Him His Victory On A Plate

Barack Obama knows what he's fighting for, and Hillary Clinton's campaign is all wrong, which is why she's losing Read More »

Why I Pick Hillary Over Obama: She Can Crush The GOP Like The Toxic Bugs They Are

Hillary Clinton is a fire-tested, battle-hardened warrior who knows the enemy Read More »

Ron Paul vs. A Nation Of Suckers: Why We Won’t Listen To One Man’s Common Sense About Terrorism

We'd rather spend a trillion bucks on killing Iraqis than on a Green Tech initiative for oil-independence. Read More »

Privatizing Murder, Or Blackwater: The Perfect Combo Of Christianity, Capitalism And Killing

Are Bush/Cheney raising their own private army of Blackshirts? Read More »

The Nazification Of America Or: We Are All Good Germans Now

We want out of the war because it's not getting us anywhere -- not because of the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. Read More »

Hillary’s Baffling Appeal

Let's face it. The candidate who looks most presidential is a former First Lady. Read More »

After A Full Artistic Life, Ingmar Bergman Lets Death Checkmate Him

What Shakespeare is to writing, the Beatles to music, and Picasso to painting, Bergman is to film Read More »

The Fun Of Waiting For The Barbarians To Leave Washington

When the Barnarians leave Washington, will our capital feel the relief of an epic enema? Don't bet on it. Read More »

George Bush and Osama Bin Laden: An Odious Comparison

The agenda of the world has been driven by two black-sheep sons of prominent dads who were in business together. Read More »