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Book Review: The Last Day of Paradise by Kiki Denis

The Last Day of Paradise is a cathartic coming of age story spanning three generations in small-town Greece. Read More »

Book Review: If Olaya Street Could Talk – Saudi Arabia: the Heartland of Oil and Islam by John Paul Jones

At once personal memoir, travel narrative, and cultural and political commentary. Read More »

Book Review: A Few Hints and Clews by Robert Taylor

Refreshing, moving, compassionate, and in today's hurried, socially disconnected culture, a much-needed love story. Read More »

The Economics of Caring: Responsible Consumerism

I have written about the economics of caring before. Although I only touched on it briefly, there is much more to be said on the topic. In a global marketplace dominated by a relatively small number of large players, an environment increasingly strained, and a growing divide between rich and poor, this topic is of utmost importance. So what got ... Read More »

Book Review: Closed for Repairs, by Nancy Alonso; translated by Anne Fountain

These stories of ordinary people's daily struggles under trying circumstances are at once humorous, inspiring, frustrating, sad, and enraging. Read More »

Book Review: First Person Plural by Andrew W. M. Beierle

What if one member of your immediate family was impossible to leave behind, no matter what his reaction to your coming out? Read More »

National Day of Action: First Nations Not Giving Enough?

The AFN has proclaimed a National Day of Action meant to draw attention to "Canada's biggest unresolved human rights issue." Read More »

Toronto’s Pride Parade: From Stonewall to Billboard?

We seem to have come a long way from the days of Stonewall, the historical backdrop to the parade. But all is not well. Read More »

Blood Donation: Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation

Blood. Although it flows through all our veins, it is apparently not in all of us to give. Read More »