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I know better

I used to think like my liberal professor from Junior Statesmen Summer School. I used to feel guilty about all the Americans who live in utter poverty. I wished that the rich would pay more to help the poor, and that the poor would be given a break. I felt so selfish when I enjoyed the sweet privileges my father worked so hard to pay for. I wished everyone was on the same social/economic status. But then I learned better. Read More »

Living on a Treadmill

When getting ready to leave work one day, I walked into a hallway that was filled with white smoke. There were two administrators in the hallway, talking to each other about the smoke, visibly tense. They were engaged in an idle conversation about the smoke in the air, while doing nothing about it! Read More »

The Enemy Within

Take a look at this editorial on China Daily. Can you believe that people actually believe this? Now, if you continue to read the rest of the articles on the site, something becomes strangely familiar. These are the same arguments and beliefs of Hollywood and some liberals in our country! So China has convinced its population that America went into ... Read More »